Cane Creek Campground and RV Park

1256 Longest Acre Road   Snow Camp, NC 27349
Phone 336-376-8324

Owner/ Operator: John & Natalie Maness




* Everyone must STOP, come into the office and register upon arrival.


* Only one unit per site is allowed. No doubling up is permitted. Please keep all vehicles in your camp site area. One vehicle per site.


* We prefer you make your reservation by telephone. You may also mail or e-mail your reservation request. Remember that a reservation is a promise. If you cannot keep your reservation, please call us in advance to let us know that you will not come. If you can not keep your reservation(s) any and all Payments / Deposits / Credit Card Transactions are NON - REFUNDABLE if you DO NOT call or e-mail us to confirm of cancellation of your reservation with a 24 hr. period!


* You must be 21 yrs. of age to reserve a camping site.


* Check in time is 2:00pm and check out time is 2:00pm . If you have a conflict and require staying longer than your check out time, please notify management. Other wise you will be charged a fee for staying past check out time.


* Speed Limit in the campground is 5 mph.


* Please treat your fellow campers with respect and courtesy. Keep your campsite neat and clean.



* Visitors must register and pay at the office before you visit a campsite. 




* Quiet hours are 10:00pm until 8:00am. Please keep all noise to a minimum while at your camp site after 10:30pm. ALL SPECIAL EVENTS ARE EXCLUDED FROM THIS RULE.



* Pets are welcome as long as they are on a leash at all times and they do not cause a disturbance with other camping neighbors. The owner is responsible to pick up pet waste and properly dispose of it. Pets are not allowed in the museum, stage or bathhouse/bathroom areas. Please do not leave pet unattended. Not responsible for animals/pets left in campers.

* Pet rule is excluded from special events. Please follow special events rules for ALL PETS. Pet boarding services:


* Please help keep these areas clean at all times. The campground is not responsible for personal items left in the bathhouse or facilities. Adults please accompany and supervise young children using the bathhouse facilities.


* Campfires are allowed but must be kept in a fire ring at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS.

They must be thoroughly extinguished before retiring at night or leaving your camp site area.

* No chopping or sawing down trees for fire wood. No nails or permanent ropes to be hung from the trees. If you are caught with this violation there will be a fee charged and terms of eviction. Please do not move fire rings or picnic tables form your site.

* Please check NC Division of Forest Resources web site for current burning conditions. or call 919-733-2162.

If the burning ban is still in effect at the time you are camping with us you will need to bring other means of cooking methods.


* NO SWIMMING ALLOWED. Pond is for FISHING ONLY. Children under 12 yrs. of age must be accompanied by an adult. You may use the pond at your own risk. The owner/management is not responsible for accidents.



* Trash will be collected each morning before 11 am. Please do not set out trash after 11 am. No large furniture or mattress. Please put all your trash and garbage into designated trash barrels located through the campground.



* NO BICYCLES DURING SPECIAL EVENTS. Bicycles are allowed when there are no special events. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. No riding bicycles after dark.


* NO ATV's, dirt bikes, go carts or mini bikes will be allowed to be ridden on campground property. 



* NO fireworks or firearms of any kind are allowed on campground property.

* No clotheslines or ropes among trees.


* The owner/management is NOT responsible for any accidents around the barns, sheds, or maintenance buildings. These areas are off limits.


* Cane Creek Campground & RV Park LLC or its owners are NOT responsible or liable for damages to campers or personal property due to natural causes wind, rain, trees, debris, etc. Not responsible for injuries, damages, lost belongings, damage to your camping equipment or personal property... or for the weather.

* IMPORTANT - At the time of departure and you leave the campground site you must take all belongings no exceptions. If you leave anything behind it will be considered property of Cane Creek Campground and there will be a clean up fee applied. To obtain items left behind will be a storage fee. Cane Creek Campground or management are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS AT YOUR CAMPSITE.

* If your rent (daily, nightly or monthly) is NOT paid with-in a 48 hour period of the said renewal date the property owner has the right to disconnect power and water and all property must be removed from 1256 Longest Acres Road Snow Camp, NC 27349 at once. If property is not moved then the property owner has the right to place unit and belongings into storage holding area and the owner of the unit will be liable for storage fees.

* The campground cannot be responsible for injury or damage due to wind, water, fire, or the negligence of you or others. Some of these rules were made by our insurance policy and some made by us. They are made for your protection, safety, and to ensure that you have a pleasant camping experience while you stay with us here at Cane Creek Campground & RV Park. Thank you for your corporation.



All of our facilities are Handicap Accessible.

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